The world’s most-watched sports event is coming to a close this year.

Here’s what you need to know.

1 / 11 Getty 2/11 Rugby World Cup 2018: The best rugby action around the world.

Source: ITV Sport/Getty Images 3/11 The world is getting more crowded with people streaming in from all over the world as they watch the Rugby World Cups, which start in 2018.

The BBC predicts there will be an estimated 1.7 billion people watching the 2019 Rugby World Champions Cup, which starts in 2019.

Reuters 4/11 Australia and New Zealand host the Rugby Sevens World Cup.

Source (AP): AP 5/11 China will host the 2019 Asian Games and 2020 Olympics.

The 2022 Games are being held in South Korea.

6/11 There will be a record 9 million spectators at the 2022 Rugby World Rugby Seven’s World Cup, making it the largest event in Rugby history.

7/11 Russia will host 2019 Asian Summer Games and 2022 Olympics.

8/11 Ireland will host 2022 Rugby Seven World Cup with the Rugby Championship taking place in the same year.

Getty Images 9/11 Japan will host World Rugby World Series 2019 and 2019 Rugby Seven Cup.

10/11 Canada will host Rugby Seven Nations 2019 and 2020 Rugby Seven Cups.

11/11 Britain will host 2018 Rugby Seven Championship and 2019 World Rugby Cup.

1/11 Sprint Wireless is set to close at the end of 2018.

It will become a subsidiary of T-Mobile US. 2/,3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/1/2/3/AAP 1 / 10 Getty Images 2/10 Rugby World 2018: Live coverage of the Rugby world’s top-rated event in its entirety.

The UK’s biggest sporting event is also expected to draw in the most fans from around the globe, as it continues to draw huge audiences from around North America and the Middle East.

Reuters 3/10 The world will get more crowded.

Reuters/BBC 4/10 Australia and NZ host the World Rugby Rugby Seven, the tournament that starts in 2021.

Getty 5/10 China will hosts 2019 Asian Sevens Games and the 2022 Asian Games.

The 2020 Games are taking place at the same time in South-East Asia.

Getty 6/10 There will only be one event in the world that attracts such a huge audience and that’s Rugby World Sevens.

Reuters 7/10 Russia will hold 2019 Asian Autumn Games and 2019 Asian Sixs Games.

Reuters 8/10 Ireland will hosts 2022 Rugby 7 World Cup in South East Asia.

Rex 9/10 Japan will be hosting the 2019 World Seven Championship in the year 2022.

Reuters 10/10 Canada will hold Rugby Seven Championships 2019 and 2022 Rugby Games.

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