The PlayStation 4 Pro offers some pretty solid specs at this price point, but it’s not without some drawbacks.

One is its lack of wireless range.

A typical wireless phone has a 5-foot range, while a wireless headphones have a 6-foot band.

This is a huge difference.

With the PS4 Pro, you get a 6 feet of range.

While a typical phone will only be able to achieve around 2 feet of wireless, with a PS4, it’s 3 feet.

And a PS 4 Pro will also offer an additional 5.5 feet of active wireless range for an extra $100.

That means if you’re using it to play some games, you’ll get around 7 feet of maximum wireless range and you’ll be able use the PS 4 for more than a day without worrying about the phone losing its range.

On top of that, a PS Pro will be able connect to a larger wireless network than a regular phone.

So even if you only use it for gaming, you can have a bigger wireless network and you can be connected to a large wireless network without worrying that the phone is getting too crowded.

Another problem is that the PS Pro’s wireless range will be capped at about 1.5 miles per charge, and that means it’s a bit of a handicap for those who have a lot of battery life.

For those who don’t have as much battery life as you do, you’re going to want a cheaper option, such as a wireless phone with the same wireless range, such a $70 Samsung Wireless 10.

But even if the PS’s wireless capacity is limited, you still get a ton of extra range thanks to the wireless charging technology.

Sony’s wireless charging system lets you use a device that can charge at the same time as you are using it, but you’ll also be able stream music from your phone, download new games, and even stream Netflix.

So it’s important to note that the wireless range is only on the PS, not the PS TV, and you’re limited to only a single wireless charge at a time.