RTE.com/wireless is reporting that Apple’s new Wireless Earbuds are now the best buy in the wireless headset category, ahead of Samsung’s wireless earphones, which we first covered in November.

According to the company’s research, the new Earbud can be plugged into any of the devices that are included in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c lineup.

“The new wireless earBuds from Apple have proven to be the best value wireless earband of 2018,” said Chris McAfee, head of RTE wireless headphones.

McAfee said that Apple was able to take advantage of its “great marketing and marketing campaigns” to sell these earbud-compatible devices.

The iPhone 5 and 5c were released in the same month, so there’s no doubt that the new models are better for wireless audio, he said.

In fact, McAfee says Apple was actually able to beat Samsung to the market by a good margin.

“Apple took advantage of Samsungs wireless ear band and made it a great product that they sell with their own branded models,” he said, adding that the “brand loyalty” of Apple is such that the company “wants to be known as the brand that has the best quality earburs.”

The report says that the Earbuddy is now the most popular Bluetooth headset in the category, with more than 40% of all the wireless earbands being compatible with the iPhone.

It’s not the first time that Apple has topped the charts in wireless headphones with its new earboutes, with the company being a huge success with its “AirPods.”

While Apple’s earbouts are the best earbur in the world, McFarland says that there’s another wireless earbag that’s more popular: the Beats XR wireless earpiece.

Beats XR is the latest earbun for the Apple Watch, and it’s the first Bluetooth earbust to be a standalone product.

It features a “full-range audio” output, which means it can play all the audio formats that the Apple watch supports, including WMA, AAC, MP3 and Apple Music.

Apple has also made a number of other changes to the Apple wireless earphone market over the past few years, with new products such as the Beats 1, Beats Pro 2 and Beats X3 becoming the latest and most popular wireless earpieces.