We can all agree that wireless mice and wireless phones are great devices, but the difference is how they perform.

And if you’re wondering what wireless phones and mice are good for, you may be surprised to learn that you may need to make the decision on whether you want to buy a wireless phone or a wireless mouse.

While there are certainly wireless devices out there that do a better job of handling touch, a wireless device’s touch sensitivity isn’t the same as a mouse’s, according to the research company Wacom.

A wireless phone may not be able to detect a person’s finger or thumb and will often have problems tracking a person with no motion.

Wireless mice have a similar problem, but they are able to track your hand and hand movements.

When you’re trying to find the perfect wireless phone, you might be better off with a mouse and a wireless keyboard instead.

The bottom line is that wireless phones may be better for your typing habits than wireless mice, but wireless keyboards and mice have some disadvantages too.