Total wireless phones have become synonymous with a USB-C port and the Xbox controller.

And while those devices can also be used to charge in the living room, they’re typically a little less convenient.

Now, however, the tech giant is introducing a new wireless charging solution called Qi wireless chargers that are specifically designed for use in the home.

While Qi chargers are available for both wired and wireless devices, they can also work with a wide range of devices, including tablets and smartphones.

The company says its wireless Qi wireless charging will “enable people to charge their smartphones, laptops, tablets, and more anywhere, anytime, and even when they’re not plugged into a wall outlet.”

That means the Qi wireless charger can work with most wired USB-c power sources, including the new wireless Apple MacBook Pro and the new iPad Pro, for example.

Qi wireless power works similarly to a USB port, but is capable of charging more than one USB-powered device at a time.

There’s a few things to keep in mind when it comes charging your wireless device.

While the charger works with all wireless devices (including the new MacBook Pro), the wireless charger works for only two USB-connected devices at a given time.

The charging port on the device must be connected to a wall plug.

The device that the charger is working with can’t be connected directly to a charger.

So if you want to charge your wireless MacBook Pro or your iPad Pro with a wireless charger, you’ll need to connect the device to a power outlet, or connect the charger directly to the outlet.

The Qi wireless wireless charger is available in two versions, which can be purchased separately.

Both Qi wireless models come with a 30-day warranty.

The first model, which retails for $299.99, has a Qi wireless charge port and an Apple Lightning connector.

The second model, sold for $499.99 (about $100 more than the original), has a 60-day Qi wireless warranty.

Both models can also charge up to six wireless devices at once, but you’ll pay the difference if you’re charging a wireless device via an outlet.

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