When you need to purchase a pair in Ireland, here’s a list of some of the best ones.

JBL wireless headphones The JBL Wireless headphones are one of the cheapest wireless headphones around, and they are a great value if you need a pair.

They are available in a range of colours from black and white to grey and red, with a range price tag of just €129.

JBl has also launched a range in grey and white, which is an excellent option for those wanting a more affordable option.

They come in various sizes from a 32GB model to a 64GB one.

They can be bought online for €129 and the website for Caseta has an extensive range of colors to choose from.

These are the best wireless headphones for the money, but they are not the cheapest.

They have a good price tag and have the best range.

Caseta Wireless headphones Caseta are a Swedish brand which has been producing wireless headphones since the early 90s.

They also sell a range to include wireless headphones and speakers.

They do not have a wide range of products, but their wireless headphones are among the best.

They sell for €299 and their range of wireless headphones is well worth considering.

They include a range with wireless speakers and headphones as well as a range for those who don’t want to buy headphones at all.

They’re also available in grey, white and black, with an additional €149 price tag.

There is also a range available in both grey and grey and black.

Casette also offer a range which includes a range wireless headphones as a set, but this is only available on their website.

You can find out more about their range here.