By now you probably have heard about the new wireless earphones Apple unveiled at its Worldwide Developers Conference on Monday, but it turns out there’s another version of the Apple wireless earphone that won’t cost you much.

In fact, you won’t need to buy any more to have one at your home.

Apple has just announced a wireless earpiece called the Wireless Earphone, a version that can be purchased for $300, according to a post on the company’s website.

The Wireless Earphones are available at Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy and Target, and the company will also offer a similar product for $35.

While it may sound pricey, the Wireless earphones are a bit of a gamble for anyone who is a wireless headset user.

They don’t have the same quality of sound as other wireless earpieces, and they require an adapter to get them to work.

The wireless earbeats are essentially a wireless version of Apple’s EarPods, which are wireless earbands that come with a wireless charger.

With the new Wireless Earpods, Apple’s goal is to make them easier to use and more convenient to use with other Apple devices.

They are also wireless, meaning they don’t need an adapter or any special equipment to work and work as they do on your phone.

But unlike Apple’s new wireless headphones, the new devices don’t require you to use an adapter.

They just need a wired connection to your iPhone or iPod Touch, which makes them a little cheaper than Apple’s wireless earplugs.

Apple will also sell a set of Wireless EarPugs that are just wireless, too, for $80, and those also work with other iOS devices like iPads and iPhones.

The new wireless Earpugs will cost $100 for both the Wireless and the Wireless Pods.

Apple isn’t saying exactly how many Wireless Earbuds will be available for purchase at Walmart or Amazon, but they’re promising that “a total of more than 3 million wireless earmuffs” will be sold at each of those retailers.