A new Apple AirPod wireless headset could be on the way to your life soon.

A new AppleAirPod wireless earbuds, dubbed the Jabra Wireless headset, has been spotted on the company’s website.

The company says the headphones come in three colours: black, red and grey.

The wireless earphones are currently available for $169.99 on Amazon and Apple.

The Jabra headphones were spotted on Apple’s website back in March and it was reported that they were due to arrive in August.

Apple has since released an update to the Jabre wireless earphone system that makes it compatible with the AirPod wireless earmuffs, according to reports.

While the headphones are now available, the update is still in development.

It is unknown whether the wireless earpieces will come with the new AirPod software update.

AppleInsider reported earlier this month that the company would likely release a wireless headset in the first quarter of 2018, with an expected launch of the wireless headphones in early 2019.

The latest updates to the AirPod have not yet been released, but the company has made the most of the opportunity.

The latest updates have also been spotted in Apple’s app store, where the headphones can be purchased for $159.99.