The two biggest retailers will join forces to build out wireless internet for their existing locations in stores.

Walmart announced plans to build the network in its existing stores, where it sells more than 2.5 million devices.

Verizon, the second-largest wireless carrier in the U.S., said it will expand its network to 50 stores, starting this summer.

Wal-Mart will have wireless service for $5 per month, and Verizon will have it for $30 per month.

Both companies said they will offer the service for the same price.

“We’re going to be able to offer an even better experience than we have at this point in time,” said Craig Moffett, senior vice president of retail operations at Wal-mart.

“The network will be up and running with our customers, and they’ll be able get a great experience.”

Wal-mart will provide a wireless service that will run on a single cable.

Verizon will provide four wireless channels, which will be used by different devices.

The networks will be accessible from the same Wi-Fi hotspot, and both companies said there will be no cap on the number of people that can access the network.

The two companies said the Wi-Fios network will offer “unlimited data for the price of one package of devices.”

Verizon’s wireless network will also offer unlimited data for customers with an unlimited plan, but the company said that will be limited to four devices per household.

Both companies will be providing a video streaming service that can be accessed on any Wi-fi hotspot.

Verizon and Wal-marts will be the first U.N.-designated providers of a cloud-based video streaming solution, which includes the ability to stream movies, television programs and music.