Updated January 21, 2018 09:00:50Verizon Wireless is expanding its wireless plans with the introduction of a brand new set of wireless earbuds.

The headphones will be available starting on January 31.

The new Verizon Wireless headsets will be called Verizon Wireless Bands and will be compatible with a range of wireless services, including free streaming of the Spotify music streaming service and other Verizon services.

The new wireless headsets are not a direct replacement for the more expensive wireless earphones the company is currently offering.

Instead, the new wireless earpieces will be an upgrade to Verizon Wireless’s existing wireless earbands.

The company also said the new headsets will include a new microphone that is more sensitive to noise and will allow the earphones to transmit voice commands.

Verizon Wireless is also adding a new feature called Auto-Pilot, which allows the earbud to adjust to various settings and to automatically respond to voice commands when it detects that voice is coming from the phone or another device.

The earbuddies will be made by a small, US-based company called JBL.

They’ll cost $40 for the standard, $60 for the premium, and $60 or more for the Premium, which includes a USB cable.

Verizon will offer three models: the $120 Elite, $130 Ultimate, and the $130 Bands, which include the microphone and microphone port.

The Elite is the lowest priced earbuddy available, at $90.

The Bands are the higher end, but also the cheapest.

The premium model is only available with Verizon’s own wireless service, which means that it can only be used with the company’s own phone, and will not work with any other carriers or with Verizon Mobile, the company that owns Verizon Wireless.

The Premiums will also only be available for a limited time and will only be offered in the United States.

The premium model also includes a Bluetooth microphone, which is a feature that will allow you to make voice calls, but not to stream music or use the camera on the phone.

Verizon said that the new earbuzzers will be more secure than other earbuders, which was true for the new $120s and $130s, but the company also offered the $60s as a more secure alternative.

The company said that these new wireless headphones are the first wireless ear buds that it has ever made.

The earbuffs are made of a high-tech material that allows them to be worn comfortably in the ear.

They have a soft silicone covering that is durable and durable enough to last for years, and they will last for at least 10 years.

Verizon’s new wireless devices will be sold in select stores beginning January 31, with retail prices starting at $100.

The headsets will also be available through Verizon’s online store starting January 31 for $100 each.

Verizon will also offer the ear buds in the US through the new Verizon Mobile website.

For those who want a wireless headset that will work with a smartphone, Verizon Wireless will also sell an app called Wireless Ear Bands that will let you make voice phone calls, stream music and stream photos.

Verizon is also making a new smartphone that is compatible with Verizon Wireless earbads.

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