Verizon said on Tuesday that it will stop selling its netgear router, which it sold for $1,199 last year.

Netgear is the maker of the router that is popular with wireless carriers, and Verizon said that the router was no longer available for purchase.

The company said it would sell the router at an unspecified date.

Netgeek is selling its Netgear Netgear Wireless Router, which was sold for less than $1.49 last year, for about $999, and it has sold its NetGear wireless router for about the same price, Verizon said.

The netgear Netgeek Wireless Router was not available for sale in stores.

The Netgear router’s maker, Netgear, said in a statement that it was “proud to support the continued growth of the Netgear wireless industry.”

The company has a network of more than 1,000 wireless customers, Verizon announced.

The announcement comes at a time when Verizon is under increasing pressure from customers and industry experts to roll out better service.

Verizon is facing increasing pressure to offer better customer service, and some analysts say Verizon’s customer service has been hampered by a lack of new customers.