Samsung announced the launch of the PS4 Wireless Headset at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona, Spain.

The headset features a pair of headphones that are said to be the first to support wireless gaming.

The company says the headphones are the first in the industry to be made with wireless audio technology.

The headphones will be available in black and red colors.

Samsung says the headsets will work with PlayStation 4 games.

“The PS4 headset is an incredible advancement for gamers, delivering a new level of immersion with wireless gaming,” said James Kavanagh, senior vice president of Samsung Electronics North America.

“This is the first wireless headset that offers a truly immersive gaming experience, with an unparalleled audio experience.

The PS4 headphones will enable gamers to experience an entirely new level in immersion.”

The PS 4 Wireless Headphones will cost $150 and will be made available in early November for the US and Europe.