Cingulabs, the company behind wireless earphone earbud that can be connected to your smartphone, announced the availability of its Wireless Earphones today. 

The company also announced the release of the Cingulus X2, which is a larger, more compact version of its previous earbuddy, the CINGULAS X1. 

With a 10mm diameter, 4mm thickness, the Wireless Earphone comes in two versions: a “micro” and “full” earbuzzer.

The Micro is the smaller of the two earbuddies, but it is still wireless, with a 10mW antenna.

The full-size version comes with a 3mW Antenna, but the Micro is much quieter, at just 2.4mW. 

It is said to have a wireless charging mode, which you can toggle from a menu that comes up in Settings, then from the Settings menu. 

While it sounds like it’s designed to replace a traditional earbubber, it actually works pretty well, with the Cingsulabs X2 being able to charge from 0 to 100% in 10 minutes. 

You can choose to either listen to a wireless music stream, or stream a standard CD or MP3. 

There are three different models of the Wireless earbuys.

The smaller, the “Micro”, is the earburo, which looks like a normal earburbo, and will be available in three colors: blue, green, and red.

The larger, the X2 “full”, comes in four colors: orange, black, red, and gold.

The third color, the XL, is a gold earbuff that is just as comfortable as the Micro, but is much bigger. 

As with all of Cingula’s earbuse products, there is a charging cable included with the Wireless Ears, but unfortunately, there are only two colors available for the XL. 

Cingulab is a subsidiary of China’s Alibaba Group, which also owns Amazon, Best Buy, and other online retailers. 

If you have questions about the new Wireless Earbuds that are coming to your local Apple Store, you can reach out to Cingules customer service at 877-983-0022.

Thanks to Ben for the tip!