With the release of Apple’s new Carplay software for Mac and Windows PCs, you can now stream Netflix and Spotify video directly to your Apple TV.

Apple has also added support for Pandora’s Spotify and YouTube services, and it appears Apple is also making some changes to the way you can access the Apple TV’s Siri Remote for access to your favorite podcasts and shows.

But with this new feature, it’s also possible to watch a lot of content directly from your AppleTV.

The new CarPlay feature allows you to access Apple’s streaming services directly from the AppleTV’s screen, instead of having to navigate to the AppleHome app to launch them.

The feature will also let you listen to Apple’s own content without having to leave the TV.

For example, when you’re on a long drive, you may want to watch music while you’re waiting for a train.

The AppleTV will display a notification on the screen to let you know when you can start listening to your Spotify or Pandora.

The AppleTV app will also show you your favorite music streams, including the latest ones that you’ve recently added to the service, and the number of hours you’ve listened to each stream.

When you first launch the Apple Home app for the first time, the Home app will show a small icon to the right of your Home button, along with a notification for you to add your favorite content.

If you click that icon, the app will ask you to select an AppleTV streaming service.

From there, you’ll see a list of streaming services in the top left corner of the screen.

You can then scroll down and tap the content you want to listen to, or tap Play or Stop to stop playback.

The list will then display the stream and a notification saying you can then continue listening to the stream.

You can also use the AppleMusic app to find new content.

The app will display an orange bar across the top of the app screen to indicate that you can listen to music.

Once you’ve started listening, the song will play automatically, and you can tap Play to stop.

You’ll also see a notification telling you that you’re playing a song from the Spotify app.

After you’ve added a new AppleTV service, you will see a new tab on the Applehome screen, where you can add and manage your favorites.

You will also see the “Stream” button that will let you stream your favorite AppleTV shows and movies directly to the Home screen.

Once you’ve selected your favorite streaming service, the AppleApp will open up a new app for you.

You then can tap the “Add” button to start adding content to the list.

Once your favorite services are added, you have to tap “Play” to stop playing the content.

In the Apple home screen, you also have the ability to manage the number and length of episodes that you want your Apple Music or Apple Music Plus subscriptions to automatically renew.

To do this, you need to set a renewal schedule in the Apple App, and then choose a renewal period.

The renewal period will show as a countdown in the upper right corner of your screen, and there’s also a “Restore” button at the top that you’ll need to tap to restore the service.

Once the subscription has been renewed, you won’t have to re-enter the subscription details each time you want it to renew.

There’s also an option to cancel the subscription in the app.

This will only affect your Apple Watch, and Apple is working on supporting Apple TV streaming subscriptions on other devices as well.

The iOS version of Apple TV is currently only compatible with iOS devices running OS X 10.11.3 or higher, but it is expected to support iOS 11.2 and higher in the near future.

Apple’s software has also been updated to support the Apple Watch 2, and a number of other hardware features have been improved.

Apple’s new feature is available in the Home tab of the Apple app.