The wireless carrier is introducing Sprint apps that can be used to check the battery level and even to change settings on your smartphone.

Sprint is also rolling out the new Sprint Apps for Work feature for some customers.

It will work on apps that run on the Android operating system and also on the iOS and Windows Phone platforms.

The new Sprint apps will be accessible through the Sprint apps app store.

The new apps include the Sprint Apps Dashboard and the Sprint App Store.

You can now get them for free from the Sprint website and in the Sprint app store, but you can also upgrade to the Sprint Sprint Apps Edition for $9.99.

Sprints apps will also be available on other Android devices.

They include the Android Apps for Business, the Android apps for Education and the Android app for Work.

These apps will work with Android phones that have Android 2.2 or later or with Android 3.0.

Sunsets Sprint Apps edition will be $9 per month.