Wired magazine is on a mission to give the average home internet user the best experience possible.

This week, the tech news site launched a new feature that allows you to easily set up a wireless internet provider in minutes.

The feature, dubbed “Wireless Lights,” lets you control your home wifi from your smartphone or tablet.

You can use the feature to set up home wifi, set up your router, and access your internet through a variety of different options.

You won’t need to log into your router and set up any of your home’s Wi-Fi network connections.

You’ll need a router with an app that allows users to easily navigate the wireless network’s settings and make changes.

The “Wirelight Lights” feature works by showing you a list of network options that will be available to you, including: wireless internet connection The device that you want to connect to The name of the wireless connection you want access to The number of times you want your internet connection to be active The network you want the wifi to connect To connect a network, you simply connect the router to the network that you wish to access.

If you connect a different network, a new network name will be shown in the list of available network options.

For example, if you want a network called “Myspace” to be available, you would type “MYS+” to search for Myspace and type “Wi-Fi” to select the network you wish access to.

To set up WiFi, you need to connect the device to the wireless internet and turn on the “WiFi” option on the device.

You will then see the options to set your wifi to be on and active.

You also need to enter the name of your router or other devices you want in the “Wire light” box.

When you are finished setting up your wireless network, it will be displayed in the app and you will see the results in the notification area.

The app also shows you the status of the device’s WiFi connection as well as the speed of the connection.

If your internet is slow or it’s slow to start, the app will show you a message.

You could check your internet speed in the settings section to see if it’s too slow.

You may also tap on the notification to see more information.

Once you have your network set up, the “Wifi Lights” app will notify you via email of the new Wi-fi network settings.

The email will contain a link to set the new wireless network up on your home network, and the notification will send you an email that tells you the network’s password.

The same information will also be sent when you log into the router, which will help you to login to your home Wi-FI network.

You should note that this app does not allow you to set a static address for your wireless router.

The current wireless router firmware in many homes has an address bar that you can use to change your network settings to a static location, but you will need to make sure that the router has a static IP address (i.e. 192.168.1.x).

This can be done in the router settings menu, which is located in the top right corner of the router.

If the router doesn’t have a static internet address, you can change your router’s address bar from “Internet” to “WIFI.”

You can then enter the IP address of your static network, such as 192.16.1