A wireless keyboard and camera system could soon be a reality, thanks to a collaboration between the U.S. Air Force and Apple.

A team of researchers at the Air Force Research Laboratory, an Air Force research center in Colorado, have created a wireless wireless camera system that can be used to record video in low-light conditions and to record and record video with an image stabilization system.

The system works by pairing a wireless camera with an audio transmitter.

A speaker is placed in the transmitter to provide the audio signal.

The audio transmitter then connects to the wireless keyboard.

The team has successfully developed a system that allows users to record videos in low light and at night, according to Air Force spokesperson Brig. Gen. Michael Smith.

“It’s an incredibly small unit and I’ve never seen one before,” Smith said.

“I haven’t seen any of these devices that use Bluetooth before.”

The team of Air Force researchers said they had worked with the Apple Research Institute on the wireless camera, but had been able to make the prototype work with Apple’s Mac Pro.

The team said the prototype is still in early development.