The iPhone 6s and iPhone 6 Plus are two of the best-selling phones of 2017, but they’re also two of Apple’s most expensive.

Now, Apple has added wireless controllers that are built to handle your most important features.

The new Bluetooth Smart Speaker Plus Bluetooth 3.0 and Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Controller are designed to take advantage of the new wireless charging standard.

The speaker is powered by a single 9-volt battery and it can be charged using an external USB Type-C cable or via the included USB-C charging cable.

The controller has Bluetooth 4 support.

The Bluetooth Smart speaker and controller work by using Bluetooth technology to pair the device with your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

The speakers can be used to control your iPhone and can be set to control music, podcasts, videos, and other apps.

The iPhone 6 and iPhone 5s also use Bluetooth Smart, and both are Bluetooth 4 compatible.

These speakers are also wireless controllers, so you can use the controller to control apps on your iPhone.

You’ll need to plug the controller into your iPhone to use it.

It’s compatible with iPhone 6, iPhone 6+ and iPhone SE.

You can also use it with the Apple Watch Series 3 or Series 4 if you have the Apple EarPods, as long as they’re compatible.

The wireless controller supports Bluetooth 4, but there are other Bluetooth standards that Apple doesn’t support, including the new Bluetooth 3-based LE-compatible LE-Lite Bluetooth LE Audio and LE-HDR.

Both LE-T and LEHDR are supported by the Bluetooth 4 standard.

Bluetooth LE and LE audio support both standard Bluetooth audio codecs, so the controller can be configured to support both types of audio.

It supports LE-Audio, which is the same as Bluetooth Audio, and LE HDR, which uses the new HDR audio codec.

The Bluetooth LE audio and LE Bluetooth audio controls work with all iOS 9.3 devices, and it works with most third-party Bluetooth speakers and controllers.

In addition to the wireless controllers and the iPhone 6’s wireless charging, Apple also updated the iPhone 5S to support Apple Pay, and the 5C is compatible with Apple Pay.

The new iPhone 5C supports Apple Pay using Touch ID, which means it can make and receive payments.

The company also updated its iOS 10.4.2 to support Bluetooth LE, which has been the industry standard for Bluetooth audio and video since 2013.

Bluetooth LE support has been available on other iPhone models since 2013, and Apple has been using it on the iPhone X since early this year.

The Apple Watch is a great companion device for Apple Pay because it has a wireless charging connector and a battery.

It also supports Bluetooth Audio.

In addition to Apple Pay support, the Apple watch also includes the Apple Pay app that lets you use Apple Pay in apps, like shopping, and also offers a way to send and receive money from your Apple Watch.