BY: David Lough article The Bebop Bluetooth earphone is an unusual one-of-a-kind product from the UK-based company Jabra Wireless.

It is the world’s first Bluetooth earplug earbundle.

The Bebops earbude is a wireless earphone that works with the Beats Pro Wireless Bluetooth wireless earphones and Bluetooth headsets.

It is also the first Bluetooth Bluetooth earphones to be released with an onboard battery that can charge and use the battery on the headband.

“It’s one of those products that is unique in the market,” Jabra founder and chief executive Chris Walker told the ABC.

“The Be-Bop is the first product to work with the latest wireless earwatches, including the Beats Wireless.”

This is a real product that really gets the attention of the tech community and we’re thrilled to be able to deliver this product to the market.

“Mr Walker said the Bebos earbudes could also be used to plug in a car charger.”

When you’re sitting at home, or on a plane or in the gym, the Bluetooth connection is very much needed, it allows the device to communicate with other Bluetooth devices, like the iPhone and other Bluetooth headsets,” he said.”

You can connect to a Bluetooth headset that is running on the same battery, which means you can plug the Be-Bs in there.

“The Bebs are available in a range of colours and designs, and can be purchased at Jabra’s website.

A $1,931,000 (£872,000) crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter launched on September 6.

The campaign raised $2,946,000, including $1 million from an anonymous donor.

Mr Walker says Jabra hopes to sell the Bebs in the US and Europe by the end of 2020.